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So good!!!

I am not military but I stumbled upon Wendi’s podcast and I stayed because her voice draws you in and her advice was so tactical that I was happy I found her. I can’t imagine how great it would be to listen as a military woman! So good!

Great podcast!

What a strong, amazing leader. I love how Wendi gives such great direction and is inspiring! Love it!

Wendi is great!

Great podcast, love Wendi's story, and she offers so much valuable insight and advice.

So good!

Wendi has a way of giving you exactly what you need before you know you need it. I can’t wait for more episodes!

Much needed!!

As anyone in the military knows, it can take over your entire life. This podcast gives me hope that I can find balance between work and life, and still prioritize my faith. Wendi is so amazing and insightful. A much needed podcast for women in the military!

So needed

From the first episode I listened to, I loved Wendi’s teaching style that helped me check my motives for my desired outcome. Good stuff!

Life Tips

Hey girl! Loving your podcast episodes. I love how you are talking about owning up to our emotions and responsibilities. It’s so easy to place blame on others than to take responsibilities for our own actions. Thanks for sharing! Keep sharing your story/experiences because it is a beautiful one to tell. May you continue to be a light to many others. ☺️


Having worked with Mrs. Wray I can honestly say her positive energy and care are genuine and show up in her work. Well done.

This is a Awesome podcast to listen to!

I love all the positive energy that I get from listening to this. Definitely want to listen to more.

Love it!

Thank you for creating a space for veterans. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes on how to manage our minds and take action. I'm looking forward to future episodes. ~Marilyn