Nov. 24, 2021

Giving thanks even when it's hard and WHY it's important

Giving thanks even when it's hard and WHY it's important

Hey military-sister, 

I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU for inviting me to your inbox and allowing me to share what I know about productivity, mental and emotional health, is a real honor. 

Know that no matter what you may be going through in life as a child of God, spouse, parent, or leader I am here to encourage you along the way. 

I love creating and sharing whatever I can to help you, and I’m so committed to helping you create more time to focus on your faith, family, and to serve at your highest level as a leader. 

We know our journey isn't easy and the holidays can be challenging for some of us.

So in today's episode, I share with you the importance of giving thanks even when it's HARD. 

I pray this episode blesses you and helps you give thanks during this season! 

Much love, 


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Hey SIS. Welcome to Beyond the Military Podcast. Where faith led military women overcome burnout and create more balance. Just imagine having enough time to focus on your faith family and have more fun while still serving as a woman leader in this podcast, you will walk away with the tools to help you navigate the busy life of a military woman. Organize your mind. Overcome overwhelm, create a prioritization playbook, and a balanced blueprint for integrating. Family and career yeses in that order. Hi, I'm Wendy Wray, woman of God, life mama of two army veteran and certified life coach. I'm here to help you create a life of meaning outside of the military, a life of laughter joy and intentional free time. If you are ready to overcome burnout and create balance as a faith lead military woman, Sis, this podcast is for you. So loosen up your laces and grab your coffee because it's time to step into freedom. Hello ladies. And welcome to another episode of beyond the military podcast. This is episode number 47. I cannot believe we are super close to episode number 50, and I just want to thank you. Thank you for not only taking the time to tune in to this podcast, but also for inviting. To your space and thank you for allowing me to share what I know and believe about not only my faith, but also about how to be less anxious and how to be more productive and more intentional and just be more present. And I just want you to know. I really appreciate you. And I want to say thank you again. And if this is your first time tuning in, if this is your first episode, I am so happy that you are here. Thank you so much for not only choosing this episode, but choosing this podcast. I hope that this episode blesses you and I hope that you are able to also go back to other episodes and possibly. I have one of them that will resonate not only with you personally, but maybe even for your soldiers or for your family, or, you know, for your husband or for your kids. That is my goal. And I believe that this is my calling to not only help others deal with. Their mental struggles or mental strongholds, but also to better their emotional health grow in their faith. And honestly just create this balance between their career and their lives, because it's hard. It's hard, ladies. It's hard to be a woman in the military. It's hard to be a leader. It's, it's hard to be able to, you know, have a family be dual military, or even a single mom. Without feeling exhausted from the endless expectations and just working all the time. Right. We have so much demand responsibilities of everyone else from your soldiers to your kids. So yes, sometimes we need a break and sometimes we just want to find meaning outside of the military, we want to be able to find a peace and joy in everything that we do. So. With that. That's what I'm here for. And I pray that you receive this episode because I know that no one is perfect on this earth. No one is going through great times, even through the holidays, right? Like we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. And this is why I wanted to not only talk about this topic, but I also wanna acknowledge that I, I see you and, uh, hear you because again, I have clients that are not doing the best. They are not. Feeling gratitude. They are not excited for Thanksgiving because there's just so much going on in their personal lives. And this is why, you know, giving thanks even when it's hard, even when you don't see light at the end of the tunnel, even when you are hopeless, you may be going through a divorce. You may be going through separation. You probably are morning. You are probably going through loss. You are possibly struggling in. Addiction you are possibly just not emotionally where you would love to be, or possibly even just be around the people that you love. So I want to dedicate this to you. I want to remind you that God is so good and that he is so faithful and that he will not only deliver you from. What you're going through and continue to show you that he is at work for your own good, not for the plans that you have for yourself, but for his will, that he has for you. And trust me, none of God's work goes to waste. And with that, I want to share three verses that not only has helped me through the hard times, challenging times. And I mean, even talking about this year, this year, the beginning of this year, Really hard for me, not only emotionally, but also with my faith. It was hard. It was a challenging beginning of the year. And yes, it was hard to praise God to thank him, even through those tough moments, through those challenging moments that I did not understand. And most of us cannot understand because God's wisdom is infinite and he. In a whole nother level when it comes to knowing what's best for us, because he's our creator. He created us. So our minds compared to his knowledge, his wisdom is honestly nothing. So being able to go into. Gratitude and praise can be difficult, but I want to share with you these verses so that in hopes to help you. And honestly, I pray that whatever you're going through, that you are patient that you are willing to not only trust him, but also to acknowledge that he is sovereign, that he is wise and that he is so good, no matter where you are. At this moment and yes, the holidays may be hard. Yes. Thanksgiving weekend may be difficult for you. You may not be in the best state of mind. You may not be emotionally where you would love to be. And again, we are all going through different situations and different circumstances every single day in every single moment. But yet we want to show up not only. Uh, a leader in the military in corporate America and your business as a mother, as a wife, but also when it comes to being a daughter of the king, when it comes to just being that woman of God that, you know, you want to be, that you desire to be, and it's not easy, it's hard, but I promise you that the more we can get into the word and lean in on him, the better, it will be an easier, it will become in the less anxious we'll become. Here are the three verses. The first one is in Philippians chapter four, verse six through seven, and I love to use different translations. Again, if you've heard this podcast before, you know, that English is my second language and reading, isn't my strong suit. When it comes to understanding and comprehending, I have to reread and read again in possibly in different translations, especially when it comes to the Bible. I love to really understand, you know, the, the story, the, where, you know, this story initiated where it began and why it was written. So. I like to just read a different translation. So I would like to offer the new living translation and also the amplified version. Um, but just for time purposes, I'm only going to read the amplified version just for those of you that are like me, that need more words or possibly just a better understanding, um, versus the harder, um, texts. So. This is again, Philippians chapter four, six through seven in the amplified Bible, do not be anxious or worried about anything, but in everything, meaning in every circumstance and every situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving, continue to make your specific requests known to God and the peace of God that peace, which reassures the heart, that peace, which transcends all understanding that peace. Card over your hearts and your minds in Christ. Jesus is yours. This verse is just so overwhelming in a good way, because it just says so much about not only God, about how he wants us to not be worried, not be anxious and lean in on him, regardless of what's happening. To go to him through prayer and ask them exactly what we are requesting from him. Even if he may not will, or, or even if it's not within his will to give it to us, but he still wants us to come to him and still give him thanks because the only piece that we can ever, ever receive comes from God and possibly can never even describe because. His wisdom will never be understood at our level. And when I tell you that not only this brings so much peace to your heart, but also to your mind, because now you're not constantly thinking of the, what, if you are giving it to God, you are allowing this thought this I'm sorry, this verse to really create other thoughts of. Of not only thankfulness gratitude, but also just peace. Right? Maybe if you're not filling it just yet, you know that God's got you. We know he's reminding us through this verse that he will guard our minds and our hearts, but again, we have to go to him, we have to lean into him and we have to ask him it's that simple sometimes. Yes, it's hard, but if this is something that is placed in your heart and you can continue to read it, understand it, dissect it, and just meditate on this verse. This verse, you guys, I can not explain how it not only helped me through my hard moments because it's hard when you're in it. It's so hard to see that there will be anything better than that moment because. It's painful emotionally. It's so painful. And sometimes even as believers get distracted with, you know, this is how it's going now, and you just want to focus on the negative or even the pain. But what I want to remind you of today is that regardless of that circumstance, that situation we can still give thanks. And we can still go to him. We can still go to working to our father, to our seat father. And here's the next verse that I want to share with you all. And that is in one Thessalonians chapter five, verse 18. Again, I'm going to read the amplified Bible, but I encourage you to also read it in the new living translation and it's in every situation, no matter what the circumstances be thankful and continually give, thanks to God for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus, the world. Of God for you. That's hard. That's hard because for some reason, my brain likes to think that I know what's better for me than anyone else. And by that I include God in there too. But understanding that God wants to remind us and he reminds us every single moment, like, listen, daughter, I get it. You're smart. You got three degrees. You have this certification, you have the experience, but guess what? I'm your creator. You're my creation. And I know what's best for you because I created you and I know what exactly I'm putting you through because I'm work I'm at work for you. I'm at work for your own good. And I like to kind of always relate this to our kids. Right? Like they sometimes think that they just know better than we do that. You know, eating 30 snacks before dinner is completely okay. And it's completely good for them, but we know that that's not healthy for them. Right. We know that it's going to mess up their appetite and mess up their entire, um, um, uh, health. So again, like kind of understanding that he's our father, he's our creative. And we are his creation. And sometimes there are things that we just don't know that, you know, will we think that it will be better for us, but it really isn't. So just understanding and reminding yourself that this is what God wants for us. And in the last four, Is in Colossians chapter four, verse two. And I'm going again to read the amplified version of this, and it's be persistent and devoted to prayer being alert and focused in your prayer and your prayer life with an attitude of Thanksgiving being persistent and devoted a prayer. That right there is step number one. And then following me that it says being alert and focused in your prayer life, meaning don't get distracted. Don't let this obstacle, don't let this challenge. Don't let this circumstance not only define who you are as a, as a woman, but also as a woman of God in your faith, be alert, be aware that the is all here to distract. Yes, there will be circumstances. Yes. There will be moments where we feel as if nothing good is going to come out of this, but being able to just sit with this and understand that we can't get distracted, that this is something that is going to help us. And the last part here is with an attitude of Thanksgiving, with an attitude of just being grateful. That God is putting us through this. Not only to show us possibly maybe the idols that we've created or possibly, you know, the things that we need to work on, but really looking within on just being thankful for this moment. Even if it's hard, even if it's challenging, even if it's something that's so painful, but knowing that at the end, you are going to come out of this, not only strong. But you are going to be just stronger in your faith and that alone is everything because all of the challenges that I've had, and not only at the beginning of this year, but years before and all the losses that I've had, the grief has made me who I am has brought me not only closer to God, but closer to people, closer to people that have possibly hurt me. And, you know, I've come to a point in my life where. I can forgive so much easier and just be more thankful for those moments. Because again, you are only getting stronger. You are only getting, um, stronger in your foundation of faith, but also becoming a better woman, a better wife, a better mom, a better. A better friend. And here's the thing. Growth does not happen without discomfort without the challenges. Right. It's uncomfortable now, but later it will get better. And why is this so important? Why is it so important to be grateful, to meditate on the word, to continue to get closer, to guide a, to not only acknowledge that God's word. Never goes to waste, but to also humble ourselves, to really understand that it's important for us to not be anxious, to show up as believers, as followers of Christ as daughters of the king, because the less. Anxious. We show up the more at peace we can be with his will and not ours. The more we're going to share, not only our struggles, our challenges, but people around you are going to see that you are living by the fruit of the spirit, because Thanksgiving is not a natural virtue kind of like patients, right. It's just not natural. And you being able to show up. By the fruit of the spirit and knowing that glorifying God, even through the hard moments, giving him thinks, worshiping him during the heart of moments and not waiting until there's no longer any pain or any emotional suffering is to believe God's promises. Because if we wait, we will be waiting ourselves forever. So instead of waiting for the emotional healing, we can choose to think. Even when it's hard and I want to share one last verse. I want to leave you with this. I want to offer a verse that was offered to me in the book called the trusting guide. And the author here refers to the moment where Jesus laid it all out and gave it to God and asked God to. Take the cup from him, but only if it was God's will. And this is found in Matthew chapter 26, verse 39, my father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me yet? Not as I will, but as you will. So understanding that yes, we can pray and we can request things from, from our father. We must remember that we can never demand of God that he will change the situation because the situation is there, but it's only because of God's will he knows exactly what's happening. Even when it's something that you may be thinking well, is this really a God? I mean, God is always in control. He is. And sometimes when it's a hard situation, Sometimes tend to believe that God isn't in control, but he tells us and reminds us that he's always in control. And when it comes to prayer, when it comes to asking God, your requests always remembering that it's always going to be up to his will and not yours. And also if you've been listening and tuning into this podcast or even been a client of mine, Knowing that I teach this concept of the coaching model, where regardless of the circumstance, our thoughts are ultimately what creates our emotions. So whatever we think about this certain circumstance, so it could be a divorce, a separation, um, a loss, a failure, whatever we think about that is how we're going to feel. So the more that we can. Meditate on his word. The more that we can refer back to prayer and lean into God and be able to constantly think that he will fulfill his promise and that he's got us the more we can be at peace. And the more we can go into gratitude and thank him no matter what, because ultimately we want to keep moving forward. We want to grow. God wants us to grow and that my friend is everything. 'cause he's got us. We don't have to know exactly what's going to happen next. It's okay to be in an uncertainty every now and then, especially during this moment. So this is what I want to offer to you to meditate in the word, go back and listen to these verses again. Just get into the word, even if it's beginning of the new Testament or starting in Genesis. Because when I tell you the more you can lean into his word, the more that you can find yourself in prayer and just asking him to help you the better you're going to build on your faith and get closer to. All right, ladies, that's all that I have. Thank you so much for tuning in. And I pray that this episode blesses you and I pray that you are able to give thanks even when it's hard, even when it's challenging and it helps you find more peace and listen, if you're struggling emotionally, And you want to take this a step deeper and you want to just grow your faith and be more intentional and just free yourself from the hustle cycle of overworking and under resting. I want to invite you to schedule a free session with me so that I can help you get started. All you have to do is go to for slash free session. And you can also find the link in my show notes. All right, lady, have a beautiful rest of your week and hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving week. Bye. Hey lady. If this podcast helped you challenge you or inspired you in some way, please leave me a written review for the show on apple podcast and share it with another military system, helping you integrate balance prioritization and growth in your relationship with God is my ultimate comment. I'm so blessed that we're here and please join us in the faith lender, military woman, community on Facebook at hope to see you there and I'll meet you back here next week. Bye.